How do I support the Foundation financially?

The Foundation is based in Hamburg and is recognised as a non-profit organisation by the Hamburg-Mitte-Altstadt tax office. This entitles it to issue donation receipts. Donations and endowments are therefore tax-deductible in accordance with the provisions of the Income Tax Act.

If you or your association would like to support the Stiftung Holzwirtschaft through donations or endowments, please contact the BDH-board or contact Mrs Korte, Trustee of the Stiftung Holzwirtschaft, directly.

Trustee of the Stiftung Holzwirtschaft

RA Tina Korte
Lübsche Str. 77 23966 Wismar, Germany
Tel 03841 2247-0
Fax 03841 2247-11