Studies in Holzwirtschaft and successor programmes

After 73 years, the study programme in Wood Science at the University of Hamburg has been succeeded by the Bachelor of Science in Bioressourcen-Nutzung and the Master of Wood Science (in English). Both courses take place at the Institute of Wood Science (IHW) at the University of Hamburg in cooperation with the TU Harburg (TUHH) and the HafenCity University Hamburg (HCU).

In the field of wood research, the IHW cooperates closely with the Thünen Institute and is also represented in numerous national and international research networks. The IHW offers the opportunity to do a doctorate. The institute is located in Hamburg-Bergedorf.

Renewable raw materials, especially wood, make a central contribution to sustainable management and the transformation of the existing economy into a circular economy. Behind necessities such as CO2 savings or the replacement of fossil raw materials are exciting and challenging applications such as material-efficiently constructed buildings and furniture or the production of chemicals in biorefineries.

In order to be able to use renewable raw materials optimally and to further expand their possible uses, a broad range of specialist knowledge is necessary. Therefore, the courses of study at the IHW teach natural science and engineering as well as economic knowledge and skills.