Information about the association

The Bund Deutscher Holzwirte e. V., BDH for short, is the alumni association of the study courses at the University of Hamburg. We also see ourselves as a professional association, so not only alumni but also students are welcome. Interesting detail: since its foundation in 1950, more than three quarters of all woodworkers have joined the association.

The BDH is also the organisation for graduates or students of Bioressourcen-Nutzung (B. Sc.) and Wood Science (M. Sc.) since these courses have replaced Diplom Holzwirtschaft.

With the BDH we want to

The aims of the association are brought to life through

The BDH provides news in the form of a classic members’ magazine on paper or electronically via newsletter, LinkedIn and Instagram – for everyone as they like it. In addition to the life of the association, the content also includes news from the industry.

As a registered and non-profit association, the BDH does not pursue any economic interests. You can read all the details in the statutes.

The board team cordially invites you – join in and become a member of the BDH!